The revealing of God as Father to our hearts and receiving his unconditional love restores to us the foundation for life in the Spirit.  A life of being led by him in daily life because our inner-man has been set free by this revelation to be who God made us to be and not who others want us to be.  This is what we mean when we speak of the “Glorious Freedom of the Sons of God” – a life of following in Jesus’ footsteps.  He was a son first; he had to learn to be secure in his sonship and the love of the Father before he was launched into the ministry appointed to him by the Father.  This is the route we are to take if we really want to be like him.

Through our Receiving Father’s LoveFather’s Grace for Ministry and Father’s Gift to Us schools, we lay this foundation of restoration to sonship.  We then have a great opportunity to partner together with church leaders to change the expression of Christianity in this generation to what our Father has always desired.  Namely that his sons and daughters would walk in his freedom and give it away to others.  By doing so they will become an example for others to follow.