Human beings were made for love and we cannot live without it.  Only Father can satisfy this inner longing that we all have.  He wants to fill the void within each of us and strengthen our hope that future glory is not an illusion but is very real.  It is love, poured into our very hearts by Holy Spirit that inspires and motivates us to love him and those around us.

Because of Jesus, our Father has set us right with himself, yet so many of us seem to have stopped on the way home to his arms of love.  He wants us to truly know him as “Father of all mercies and God of all comfort.”  Jesus has said that those who come to him, the Father will love them, and that he and Father will make their home with that person.

All around the nations, God is awakening his children to the revelation of him as Father and is pouring out his comforting, unconditional love.

The purpose of our one week school is for each person attending to receive a personal revelation to their own heart of God as Father. It is an opportunity to get away from the busyness of life and be immersed in the revelation of the Father’s unconditional love; an opportunity to have a life-changing and personal experience of his love.

Father wants you to come into an intimate, personal relationship with him. This is what Jesus died for and wants you to have.  We want to help you grow in faith believing in a Father who is faithful. Come and get your heart touched and renewed.

You can see some photographs from our past Receiving Father’s Love events here.