As an individual you are unique, and God the Father has called you to be a part of his purpose as you learn to function in the way he has made you. Jesus knew not only who he was but what his Father had sent him to do, and he could say confidently that he had glorified his Father on earth by accomplishing the work which the Father had given him to do.

In the Receiving Father’s Love school we receive revelation that Father chose us before he laid the foundations of the universe.  The same is true of ministry (good works) he has chosen for us. Father wants us to step into this on the foundation of his unconditional love and acceptance of us as his very own sons and daughters.  He wants us to express his love to one another and those we live amongst through these good works.

God has a purpose for each of us that he wants to reveal to our hearts. We do not have to create a programme of good works for one another to fulfil in order to participate in the Father’s work, he has already planned what we are going to do ‘according to the kind intention of his will’ (Eph 1:5).  He simply wants each of us to walk with him as the person he has made us to be and, like Jesus, discover the work he is doing and wants us to be involved in with him.

Father’s Grace for Ministry is a school, usually run over three days, to help you to receive a biblically-based understanding of Father’s plan and purpose for you as a member of Jesus’ body and to explore and discover your heart’s own passion for ministry. Out of the security of his unconditional love we want to help you go on to discover and walk in his purpose for you.

You can see some photographs from our past Father’s Grace for Ministry events here.