Our Vision

Back in the late 60’s God gave me a vision of a man standing on the globe of the earth. I asked, “What does this mean?” “This is my body standing like one man in the nations of the earth” was the reply. It didn’t really mean much to me at the time, to be honest.

Over the years this vision has been developed in the school of life, in the workplace and in the local church. Our Father God has helped us to see the true identity of his children. Through revelation to our hearts of his Father Heart of love for us, we can become secure as his sons and daughters.

Sons of God make the best leaders, pastors, ministers in the body of Christ. Jesus was a son before he became a minister. Every true child of God is a minister in Jesus’ ministry. Everyone has a part to play.

When we are secure in our identity as his children we are able to take on responsibility for our part in the ministry.

Like the Lord Jesus, each of us is called to be filled, empowered and led in our daily life by the Holy Spirit. He helps us to be secure. He’s the one who pours Father’s love into our hearts and leads us into Father’s good, pleasing and perfect plan for our lives.

Maureen and I are committed to bringing as many of God’s children into their identity, purpose and calling. To achieve this, our strategy is to communicate this revelation through church weekends, conferences, one-week residential schools and leader’s retreats.

In Father’s Love,

John & Maureen Hammond

Directors of Barnabas Ministries