Verkhnodniprovsk, Ukraine 2015

Here are a few pictures & videos from our time together in May 2015 at Verkhnodniprovsk, Ukraine.

27-May-2015 – John Hammond – Father Heart of God

27-May-2015 – Stuart Bradford – The Church Is the Administration of the Kingdom

27-May-2015 – John Hammond – Father’s Love Letter video (Russian)

29-May-2015 – John Hammond – Weakness the Power of Sonship

29-May-2015 – John Hammond – Building Father’s House of Love

31-May-2015 – John Hammond – Being a Household of Love

If you were present at this event and you’d like to share your testimony of what God did for you during the time, please follow this link to our testimony page.  It is always of great encouragement to those who minister at our schools & conferences to hear your feedback.

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