Receiving Father’s Love

The purpose of the one week school is for each person attending to receive a personal revelation to their own heart of God as Father. It is an opportunity to get away from the busyness of life and be immersed in the revelation of the Father’s unconditional love; an opportunity to have a life-changing and…

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Father’s Grace for Ministry

Father’s Grace for Ministry is concerned with revealing to our hearts that the Father has chosen the good works of ministry.  He wants us to step into this on the foundation of his unconditional love and acceptance of us as his very own sons and daughters.  He wants us to express his love to one…

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Experiencing Father’s Love

God has us in a season where he is awakening the revelation of himself as Father.  He wants his sons and daughters to be secure in their sonship so they can fulfil their destiny in Christ. Experiencing Father’s Love is a weekend or one-day conference which will awaken this revelation and set you on a…

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Church weekends

Holding a church weekend would normally take place in a local church, yet may involve several local churches who have joined together to host it. Usually, this would start on a Friday evening and finish after the Sunday morning service. One of the great advantages of these weekends is that leaders and church members attend…

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Sharing Father’s Love

Sharing Father’s Love is the name we have given for a short-term gathering in a home of 4 to 6 weeks duration. The purpose is to give those who attend a taste of Father’s comforting love and sow seed of revelation of him as our Father. These groups of 6 to 12 people are led…

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