25-Nov-2018 – John Hammond – The Biblical Revelation of the Father
6-May-2018 – John Hammond – How to Live In a Family, Like God’s Children
John Hammond – Encouragement to attend Receiving Father’s Love Ukraine 2017 & testimonies (Russian)
30-Apr-2017 – John Hammond – Growing Up In Christ
Father’s Comforting Love Church Weekend, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, November 2015

20-Nov-2015 – John Hammond – The Comforting Love of the Father

21-Nov-2015 – John Hammond

21-Nov-2015 – John Hammond – Father of all Mercies, God of All Comfort

21-Nov-2015 – Ian Colhoun – About Barnabas Ministries & Having the Heart of a Son

21-Nov-2015 – John Hammond – Comfort in Afflictions

21-Nov-2015 – John Hammond

Leaders’ Day, Verkhnodniprovsk, Ukraine, May 2015

29-May-2015 – John Hammond – Weakness the Power of Sonship

29-May-2015 – John Hammond – Building Father’s House of Love

31-May-2015 – John Hammond – Being a Household of Love

Verkhnodniprovsk, Ukraine, May 2015

27-May-2015 – John Hammond – Father Heart of God

27-May-2015 – Stuart Bradford – The Church Is the Administration of the Kingdom

27-May-2015 – John Hammond – Father’s Love Letter video (Russian)

Experiencing Father’s Love Lisburn 2013
Receiving Father’s Love school, Pilgrim Hall, Uckfield, February 2013
Partners In Harvest School, Boyarka, Ukraine, June 2012
Receiving Father’s Love, Boyarka, Ukraine, October 2010
John Hammond – Come Home to Father